Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Contest Results!

Yay! We have two winners, since we didn't wake up to approve the comments until 1:00... well, 1:45. :) Brooke and Mari, you guys win! Yay! Email Nathan and let him know what you want for your 5x7"!

Because of the quick responses, I think we'll be doing random contests more often, so make sure you're watching the blog!

Anyway... Here's my mommy!

And another because she's just so pretty:

Random February Contest!

A couple weeks ago, Nathan and I went and did some group shots (gasp!) before Disney World opened. (My mom works for Guest Relations there.) We were both sooooo sick at the time, and I feel horrible for being so out of it, but I think we still got some good traditional shots!

Anyway, here's your random contest: Below is a shot of my mom with some of her co-workers. If you identify the correct woman in plaid, we'll send you a 5x7" print of your choice from your wedding or engagement session!* Hint: She's an avid marathon runner and I get my smile from her! And she's really pretty... Duh! ;)

So, the first person to correctly guess who my mom is in a comment on this post, wins! And don't forget to let us know who you are!!!

*Zane: You're in the photo, so therefore you guys are disqualified from this one. Next time! ;)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Marcy & Mert - Engagement

Marcy and Mert are getting married this April at Disney's Yacht Club! After Carrie & Patrick's wedding, I'm all giddy at the thought of another Disney wedding. We really had a good time hanging out with these guys! They're such a warm couple to be around, and I love that they met when Mert was a server at Marcy's table! :)

For their engagement session, we met around Disney's Yacht and Beach Club, and finished in downtown Celebration. Enjoy!

I love the sweetness of this shot!

One of my favorites from the session-

Love the brick with Marcy's b&w top!

I loooooove the popping colors in downtown Celebration!

My other favorite from the day! They're gonna make such a perfect bride and groom!

I took this one when we were at the Boardwalk... Rocky Top really will always be home sweet home to me! I love random orange sightings. :) I'm sooooo happy that the Vols kicked Memphis' arse last week!! Let's just hope they can keep it up...
Marcy & Mert- We'll see you guys SOON!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Casi Bailey - Headshots

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by the best of the best friends a girl could ask for! Seriously. One of the people I'm most thankful for is my best far-away friend, Casi. Casi and I met when I first moved to Florida, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! As fate would have it, we were both interns on the Walt Disney World College Program working as Fantasyland Operations Hostesses. Sounds fancy and important, right? We basically sweated our butts off pushing buttons at Dumbo! Woohoo!

Anyway, I truly belive Casi is my female soul mate, and we were destined to become best friends. It was a strong love for Audrey Hepburn and Seinfeld that brought us together, and I can't even start with how much I love her. She's the funniest person I've met in my life, and we have one of those friendships that people just don't get. We seem completely different, but the truth is she just says and does everything I think and keep inside. She's fabulous, and one day, she'll be the new Tina Fey. Casi came for a visit on our would-have-been wedding anniversary, and as always, I had the time of my life, and lost 5 pounds on laughter alone. She wanted some updated headshots, and seeing how that's kinda what we dooooo, I finally talked her into a quickie session in Winter Park. So.... Here ya go!!

Have you talked to your hand lately?

Funny AND gorgeous!

Setting up the shot...

Got it! This is toooootally Audrey, and I love it!

Chillin' in a bathtub in Casa Feliz..

Some blue wall lovin'.

Casi Bailey, I love you more than life! 5 more months!!! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zane & Laetitia - Engagement & Wedding

Zane works with my Mom at Disney World, so he's been hearing relentless bragging about our work for a while now. ;)

Laetitia is from France, and they met during her International Program at Disney. They're having their 'real' wedding this November in Champagne, France, but they had a short legal ceremony last month. Nate and I were happy to spend the day with them, starting with an engagement session around property, and ending with their ceremony at sunset.

We started the day at Disney's Wide World of Sports, where Zane met Laetitia playing softball!

We were able to sneak onto the field for some:

My favorite shot of Nate's... I love the pure joy in Zane's face.

Then we headed to the Grand for some fun..

This is them walking down the dock to get (legally) married.

Laetitia wanted to keep the whole thing very simple and wasn't planning on even wearing a dress, but then a friend offered her old prom dress, which happened to be white!

Ever since Zane was a kid, he thought it'd be funny to get married and use ring pops during the ceremony. So....

The kiss!

Zane and Laetitia, we hope to see you in November!!!! ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cynthia & Shane - Engagement

Cynthia and Shane were down from Michigan to plan their Disney wedding when we met up for their engagement shoot! Cynthia is one of the happiest people I've ever met, and I LOVE that she laughed her way through the session! :)

I'm so excited for their wedding this year; I know it'll just be a blast!

Nate grabbed my favorite from the session-

I know it's a totally cliche shot, but I still like it! :)

Our favorite wall!

So, my favorite part of the session was at the end when Cynthia pulled out a little box for us to open- She had this wedding gift made for us!!! I just about died when I saw our names and wedding date on it, and she even went the extra mile to print out a wedding photo from our blog! It was the first wedding gift we recieved, and it'll be the first thing on our tree for years to come!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Married - Donations Accepted!

It seems Nathan and I are through the worst of 'February Flu Week 08.' We've been working so hard the past couple of months without a break, and we finally got knocked off our feet and forced to lie around and watch bad tv. :)

As much as I hated being crazy sick, there was something cute about spending Valentine's Day with both of us too sick to take care of the other... We were on seperate couches and Nathan let me catch up on my soaps (GH anyone?), and we napped for hours and hours! I'm also all caught up on Project Runway and I can't wait to see who wins! And are you not thrilled that the writer's strike is supposedly over?? I can't WAIT for The Office (and 30 Rock)!!! Yes, I love my tv!

So now on to my ramblings! Nathan and I love doing engagement sessions, because it's such a cool chance for us to get to know our couple before the big day! I love seeing how people in love interact, and if they're more passionate and romantic, or more giggly and fun. Kalie and Nick were definetely the latter, and the four of us clicked so fast! Kalie is a make-up artist, and I hope to do a spotlight post on her later this year. (Wouldn't you want her pretty face in your getting ready photos?) They got married a couple weeks ago, and before I post their wedding, I thought I'd do a post on what we did for their engagement session- Kalie and Nick are musicians and wanted some pictures of them playing guitar. It made me so happy when Kalie showed up with this sign to use as a prop:

We were able to shoot them playing outside of Knowles Chapel, where they were getting married!

Then they wanted to take it to the streets of Winter Park...

Look at the driver completely avoiding eye contact! (I totally do that!!)

Kalie is head over heels for Nick! :)
For clients who have engagement shoots coming up- What makes you guys unique? We'd love to work things like this into our sessions more often, so start thinking outside the box! You guys rock! :)

Ps- There seriously is a horrible bug going around, so wash those hands twice as much!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kate & Robby - Engagement

Oh my goodness, I haven't been this sick in so long! I went to bed with a cough and woke up with that and everything else too. :( I'm so bummed because we were supposed to have breakfast with Carrie and Patrick, who are still here on their honeymoon. Grr... I think I've been working myself way too hard.

Here's a small post of the 2nd engagement session we did with Kate and Robby. They wanted to try a night shoot, and we were up for the challange! I love, love, love the last one! All of these were taken in Downtown Orlando a few months ago.

Off to watch The Little Mermaid!