Monday, June 29, 2009

Engagement Previews!

So, this was the first year we said no to engagement sessions in the summer, and boy, has it made all the difference! I remember going out once a week last year and sweating our butts off, no one wants to be lovey on eachother.. What a mess! We're engagement session free this summer, with the exception of these 2 wonderful couples, and 2 more next month. We're so lucky!!

Here's a sneak peek from Sarah & Ryan's session a few weeks ago- They came down from NY and got engaged during their visit! :)

And here's Kayla & Daniel... The 2nd half of their session got rained out today, so we're picking up where we left off tomorrow. I am, however, in LOVE with so many from today it was hard to narrow it down! :)

This one looks soooo much better when you click for the larger version:
Hooray! More previews to come soon. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meg & Rob : Engagement

Meg and Rob are another one of our wonderful Disney wedding couples. :)

They came down from Maine to meet with a wedding planner and we were able to score enough time with them to do an engagement shoot. After much concern about the session being rained out, we lucked out with wonderful overcast skies rather than a downpour. I think it was perfect weather for their session, seeing as Rob is a meteorologist and all. :)

Meg planned things perfectly so we shot their session after her hair and make-up trial with our favorite, Patricia LeJeune, though I doubt Meg would be any less beautiful without Patricia's magic wand!

I love the color palette at Disney's Boardwalk!

So cute! :)

Hands down, my favorite part of the session. We asked them to dance in front of the Atlantic Dance Hall, and they broke it down with the macarena, YMCA, even the chicken dance. :)

My hero! Meg's coat started blowing away, and Nathan gallantly retrieved it. :)

One of my favorites. :)

My other favorite! This was a special request from Meg. :)

This one was requested by Rob. :)
Meg & Rob- We adore you and can't wait to see you again soon!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Johanny & Danny : Engagement

I'm posting this today in honor of Johanny & Danny's wedding weekend! Not only were we bummed to be booked on their wedding because they're good friends with some of our favorites, but also because they're getting married in Puerto Rico! :(

A note to future Root brides- Please, please contact us early in your planning process so we can work with you! :)

Johanny decided she wanted her engagement photos shot in Winter Park, so we worked Park Avenue!

Johanny worked it like no other!

FAVORITE. I mean, Danny, you're cute and all, but your lady is stunning!!

Outfit change!

Seriously.. Isn't she just gorgeous?
2nd favorite. :)

The end!! Johanny, I hope you had a wonderful, stress-free wedding day and I can't wait to see the photos! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Courtney & Craig : Wedding

Is it just me or does June seem to be on fast forward?

I've sort of had patches of time off this month, which has been ridiculously necessary for my mental health. It's made Nathan and I re-evaluate our work flow and realize that we need to put our marriage first and work second, which has been a true struggle for us. I'm looking forward to our fall rush and forcing days off, planning a date night once a week, and just plain spending time off loving my husband!

Which brings us to the first photo from Courtney & Craig's wedding... The Root mirror shot! It's tradition. :)
The day started out with us meeting a little friend on a chair in the getting ready room. I think he said his name was Ralph, but I wasn't really paying attention.
Pretty dress + pretty chandelier = Pretty.
My favorite thing about Courtney is she had two expressions all day- Happy...
... And happier. :)

Probably my favorite. I think. Let me get back to you. ;)
This made me miss an old friend from TN that has hair just like this. Ever since I met her in the 1st grade, this was my dream hair. LOVE it!

Even though Courtney and Craig didn't see each other before their wedding, they gave us oodles of time for photos of the two of them. :)

Tell me this isn't the happiest bride you've ever seen!

Then we headed to their reception at Timucuan Country Club. It was so cool going back, because this was where my first wedding was almost 3 years ago to the date! Crazy! Courtney and Craig started their first dance with "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago...
... And then broke into a choreographed dance to New Kids on the Block's "The Right Stuff," with the help of the groomsmen. :)
The grand finale!

So, ok. I didn't see this happen, so I can't be sure, but...
... I'm pretty sure these little munchkins may have had a thing or two to do with it. ;)
Can I just take a minute and gush over the cute kids at this wedding??

How cute is she?!

There's always that one couple that can REALLY dance-
And it's always fun to try to "guess that song!" when going through the photos afterwards. :) Journey, perhaps?
I was randomly shooting these guests through a window when this happened...
... So this is me showing it to his wife & friends. :)

Ready in 3, 2, 1...
... ?
Ta-Da! :)
We dragged the newlyweds back out for some quick shots as the sun set-

They totally requested this shot. :)
Last dance!
Guys, y'all were AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything!!