Monday, March 31, 2008

March Contest - B3 Cafe!

Ever since Root Photography was born, Nathan and I have been blessed with such an incredible word-of-mouth support system. Our rockstar clients have really carried us the past couple years, and we're always happy to spread the love!

That being said, some of you may recognize Jennifer and Darrell from our website. We get so excited when past brides email us and let us know how they're doing, and Jenn emailed last December with the very exciting news that she and Darrell were opening up a cafe! Their place is called Bikes, Beans, & Bordeaux, informally known as "B3", and the theme is based around their love of biking! The food on their menu is bike-themed (Anyone for a 'Lance-wich'?), and while you eat, they have a big-screen tv playing races for you to enjoy. That's one of my favorite things to do, you know... Stuff my face with delicious food while watching people exercise! ;)

On to the photos! Here's Jenn & Darrell obviously doing something very important, but still in love!

We were able to sneak in before they opened for some 'before' shots...

Where we saw it go from this...

To this! :)

Just some quick food shots..

Nate loved his sandwich, as I did I! I think I got the PB&J off the "Training Wheels" menu, which was excellent, as well! :)

Oh yeah! When you go to B3, take special notice of the walls... We're their featured artists! Er, really Nate is, as only one of the photos is mine! Here's Nate looking scary in front of two of his stunning photographs..

As their name would imply, they also serve coffee products and wine. Since I'm not a grown-up yet, I don't drink either of those. Here's a shot of me and my giant forehead enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate instead! :)

We brought our friends Lorie & Jon along. Aren't they pretty to look at?

And now for the contest! We really want to help out Jennifer and Darrell in their first couple months of business, so if you're reading this go visit! Here are their hours and location. The B3 Cafe is so close to Leu Gardens, so go make an afternoon of it! :)

To all of our clients (even if you haven't booked us yet!), we'll be giving out a $6 print voucher to anyone who visits B3 in the next two weeks! The contest ends April 14, 2008.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself there and email it to us; whether it's by one of our photos, eating your yummy food, or even with Jennifer or Darrell! Just make sure you take a photo to prove it. Whoever takes our favorite photo wins a little something extra, so have fun! ;)

Oh, and make sure you tell Jennifer & Darrell that Nathan & Jensey say hello!

Kari & Wes - Engagement

Last weekend, Nathan and I got the chance to spend some time in New Orleans to meet Kari & Wes! Kari had contacted us to shoot her wedding almost a year ago, but we were booked. We were so happy when they still decided to have us come out for an engagement and bridal session!

We just love New Orleans, and are hoping to make a yearly trip there. (I'll be recapping our mini vacation soon!) Since I can't post her killer bridal session until after her wedding, here are some engagement shots to hold you over...

This picture just makes me think of Billy Joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant." Well, really just the first part of the song, I guess. :)
Orlando, how I wish you had walls like these!!!
We stepped into Pat O's for a few shots at the bar, but I love the juicy natural light from the window!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Katrina & Aaron - Engagement

Katrina & Aaron are engaged! They were such naturals from the second we started shooting. Katrina was totally fierce and worked it all afternoon. ;)

We did their engagement session around Rollins campus, and I'm so excited with some new spots we got to play with!

Nathan and I are crazy for ivy walls!

I think if Wonderland were a real place, it'd look something like this-

I looooove when Spring comes and for a short while, Florida isn't all green!

My favorite from the session!

I think this is probably my favorite thing about Florida.. Yes, for me, mossy trees are so much cooler than the beach!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carrie & Patrick - Wedding

Carrie & Patrick's wedding was our first ever Disney World wedding! They were beyond hilarious, and so the perfect first Disney couple. :) The ceremony was in Morrocco, reception above Jelly Rolls at the Boardwalk. :) I think if I could choose to be a guest at any wedding so far, this one would have been it!! Enjoy!

I love that Carrie really made a look all her own! She had her necklace made out of pieces of chandelier glass... It really was stunning. (And how perfect is that feather in her hair?)

Patrick quickly stole my heart with his goofy faces.

I think they look like such a perfect 40's couple!

Nathan snagged my personal favorite shot from the day. It was so cool to shoot in Epcot before the park opened- The morning mist made everything look so magical.

Carrie's daddy escorting her down the aisle.. This really was one of my favorite locations we've gotten to shoot... I fell in love with Carrie's attention to detail. She played off the orange & blues from the invitations they sent out to the bows on the back of the chairs. And the popping pink rose petals down the aisle? Everything was perfect. :)

Ok, this is my all time favorite cake cutter. How can you not smile when you see this? I'm hoping to get my own off Ebay soon. :)

Love, love, LOVE breakfast at weddings! Especially when Mickey waffles are involved!

Patrick and his mom did a very touching, elaborate mother/son dance to the Muppets' "Movin' Right Along."

I wish all group shots involved mouse ears! The ears were the wedding favors, complete with embroidered names on the back!

Can someone tell me WHY ice-cream isn't served along with wedding cake? Oh my gosh... They had this divine peanut butter flavored cake, and the ice-cream made it mouth-watering!

Carrie is a member of an online Disney board site, where brides all over the country talk about their wedding plans. Carrie quickly made friends with Wendy, a bride who was getting married the same day as her. They made plans to meet in the lobby of the Boardwalk... as Carrie's reception was ending, Wendy's day was just beginning. So cool!

Some Illuminations lovin.'

Again, I was kinda crazy about this wedding, as well as this couple! Carrie & Patrick, we just love you guys and can't wait to see you again in September!!!

Emille & Nick - Engagement

Emille was one of our brides who knew two seperate Root Photography clients- Nick and Lauren. It's so much fun to see our network spread, and one day, I hope to host a very elaborate 'Kevin Bacon Game' but, you know, with us! ;)

Anyway, Emille and Nick met at UF where Nick was a Gator football player. We honestly weren't too sure at how the session would go... we knew he wasn't gonna be one of the mushy-gushy grooms!

However, Nick was SUCH a good sport during the session and hardly flinched when we encouraged kisses here or there. Emille and Nick, thank you for being so great to work with- We'll see you in November!