Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nick & Jessie - Non Engagement!

In my last post, I began to share some pictures from a session we did with our two friends -Nick and Jessie.

Nick, as you might remember, is the guy who Nathan and I met through. He's one of our closest friends and we love him to death. But enough about Nick... Now I'm gonna talk about his darling Jessie. :)

Nick and Jessie aren't (yet) engaged. They've been together for a while and Nathan and I have been given the wonderful chance to get to know Jessie. She's one of those people that, at first glance, is so beautiful that you just kinda assume she has to be sort of a bitch, you know? In reality, Jessie is exactly who you see- An incredibly sweet, cute, charming girl who you just feel lucky to even be able to have lunch with! She's one of those girls that really does brighten the room just by being in it. We've loved our time with her over the past couple years, and even more, loved watching Nick and Jessie's relationship grow. (awwwwwwwww!)

Not only is Jessie a great person, but more importantly, she's exactly who you dream of your best friend ending up with... Truly the best of what's around! Anyway. Jessie, we just love you, and we're so happy you make our Nick so happy!

I can't wait to grow old with you both.

Their babies will be crazy pretty!

Can you tell they're our friends? :)

On a side note, Nathan and I will be in New Orleans until Easter. We'll still be in touch through phone and email, but just be aware our responses might take a little longer! Have a great holiday, friends!

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nickhellrung said...

You guys are the BEST! We feel the same about you two! We have such a blast whenever we get to hang out with y'all! Have a great trip and lets go on a double date soon!