Monday, March 03, 2008

Kalie & Nick - Wedding

Kalie and Nick's love and joy are so contagious!! From the second Kalie hugged me during our meeting, I felt like we were best friends. It was one of those weddings where I truly felt a guest, and had to keep reminding myself I was at work! Kalie just radiated excitement and even though I've been to over 50 weddings, it felt like my first.

I LOVED the light coming in Kalie's mom's house when she was getting ready.

Meet Zoe, Kalie's niece/flowergirl. I love her. No.... I really do.

I was so happy when Kalie put on her white gloves... SO elegant!
Nick and the ringbearer. :)

Recognize the piano player? It's Micah!

Kalie as her daddy removed the veil, and Cassie in the background.

"We're MARRIED!!!!"

Loved the centerpieces!

Kalie and Nick are both talented musicians. For their first dance, Kalie surprised Nick with a song she wrote and recorded for him... I don't think there was a dry eye in the room!

Zoe again, towards the end of the night.

So, for my favorite part of the wedding... The DJ handed the mic over to Zoe, the flowergirl, who proceeded to sing "Goin to the Chapel." When everyone thought she was done, she went straight into the "ABC'S" and Nick and Kalie slow danced to it!

Us with the couple just before they exited.

The night ended with bubbles and a horsedrawn carriage.
Kalie and Nick, you know we love you guys! Hope to see you soon! :)

I'll be doing a post on Kalie later this month, but she's one of the ladies that works with About Face, a bridal hair and make-up team. I've heard great things about the company, and Kalie does make-up! So for all you brides who haven't found a make-up artist, go to and request Kalie! She'll be pretty in your getting ready photos. ;)

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Darcie Bruce said...

Those pictures were great! What type of flash do you use? how do you usually set it for inside pictures? Your flash pictures have such strength. I hate flash pictures.. but yours look great! How do you not get the back shadow when you use a flash?