Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Root Family!!

I had the treat of being able to photograph Nathan and his family for their Christmas cards last year. It was such a CRAZY session! For those of you who think you have big families... Nathan is the oldest of 7! I come from a small family and welcome the change, but boy can they be a handful! Or, as Nathan thinks, a mouthful:
Kat making an awesome face. I wonder where she gets that? ;)

The guys of the family:

I mean, really. How many families do you know can make a pyramid?

Some behind-the scenes love:
Some very intense tug-of-war:

'The' shot. I love these guys!!


Leigh Thor said...

Awww I want that!! I know having a big family can be tough at times but coming from a family of only 1 sister I have ALWAYS wanted a million kids!!!! Big families make everyday an adventure! It makes me want to get started right now!! :) Love the new blog!!!

jenseylove said...

I know what you mean! I love visiting his family and the crazyness of everyone getting ready for school, dinner time, and the fact that it feels like all the kids are more like friends hanging out than anything else! You guys SHOULD get started! ;) You can't expect your new nephew to grow up on his own for too long!