Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ode to Michael Buble.

I remember the first time I heard about Michael Buble. Nathan and I had just gone to dinner with some new friends (Brian and Matt) and Matt and I started making small talk. What kind of tv shows we watch, music we listen to... I told him as long as I can remember, my favorites were the Rat Pack and Harry Connick Jr. He asked what I thought of Buble, and I thought, "Bubble who?" A week later, he gave me the cd and I was hooked from the first song.

When I was growing up, my friends made fun of me for listening to music their grandparents liked, but now those same friends are listening to the same stuff, thanks to Michael. I dropped a few hints to Nathan around Christmas that he was coming to town, and when Christmas came, we ended up having our big present for each other be our wedding. I wasn't complaining, of course, but I was still a little sad I'd be missing Michael Buble live for the first time. Sure enough, my best friend Lorie surprised us with the best gift ever... Two tickets!

It really did end up being the best gift- For those of you who haven't seen his concert, you need to make a point to go during his next tour! I've been to some amazing concerts in my lifetime, but this was my favorite. Michael had me cracking up when mid-concert, he broke into the "YMCA", and another time when he started "Feelin' Good" with "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

As much as I loved the show, I also enjoyed sitting behind two (I'm assuming) UCF freshman girls. When Michael started singing "I've Got the World on a String," one girl looked at the other and shouted, "Oh my gosh, he wrote this?! My mom LOVES this song!" *slaps forehead.*

The absolute best part of the concert that sold me for life was at the very end... He came out for an encore, put down his mic, and sang the last lines of "A Song for You." It was one of the highlights of my life... And we were sitting in the VERY back of the stadium. I'm talking center seats, two rows from the very top, but the room went silent as he blew his vocal chords, and it was fabulous! Anyway. Goodness. :)

"And when my life is over,
remember when we were together
We were alone,
and I was singing my song for you."

Here are some horrid pictures from our point & shoot!

I PROMISE that's him! No.. Really!

Yeah. Nathan promised we'll go to at least two shows during the next tour... And possibly one not in the states? ;)


Anonymous said...

Ok Jensey, its Mari, I'm totally commenting on the blog. It was so awesome to see you guys last night and I really hope everything works out with Jay and Mayra. Anyway, you look gorgeous in the picture at the concert with those piercing blue eyes, and of course Nate looks cute too. Love you guys and can't wait to see you again.

jenseylove said...

Yay, Mari!!! It was so fun seeing you guys last night... I think that was one of our favorite meetings to date.

We love you guys, let's plan a double date soon!