Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kayla & Daniel : Engagement Part II

... And the session continues! A few days later, we wrapped up their shoot at a place Kayla found that had tons of trees. See? :)

I think I'll really be pushing colorful dresses from now on. I love how Kayla just shines in all these shots! :)

Kayla, I know Daniel prolly tells you all the time, but seriously.. You are gorgeous, Lady!

If you click the picture to go a little bigger, you can see them in the upper left frame. Darn small photos! (But YAY for the new blog!)
What's an engagement session without a little cheese? ;)

We went to a 2nd place that had this huuuuuuge tree like you see in the movies, and Kayla requested some feet dangling shots. I'm so happy she did! :)

Have I mentioned how much I love these kids?

My adorable husband. :)

Yay! Wedding post soon to come. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kayla & Daniel : Engagement Part I

Speaking of rained-out engagement sessions, let's move on to Kayla & Daniel! These self-proclaimed geeks found us on a wedding planner's site, and the only reason Kayla clicked to our website because our name is Root Photography and she has an obsession with trees. How cool is that? :)
I was already excited to see Kayla in a bright yellow dress, but when she pulled out the umbrella, it took me to the next level. :)
Of course, at this time, the umbrella was just a prop.. ;)

Can you think of a more fitting location for our "tree bride?" :)
Have I mentioned my husband loves to climb trees?
It totally pays off. :)

At this point the umbrella came in handy..

I know the next two are almost identical, but I love them both. :)

FAVORITE. One day, we'll add this to our canvas collection. :)
Since the session got rained out, we began part two the next day..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Racheal & Daniel : <3

Racheal and Daniel came to Disney World all the way from Canada. :) They aren't engaged yet, but wanted to get some portraits done around the resorts. The session almost got rained out, but we weren't able to reschedule, so we made it work. We started at the Polynesian.

I think this one's my favorite from the whole session. :)

Racheal has some fierce eyes!

LOVE it. :)
Then headed over to the Grand...

*Sigh.* My fountain. :)

The end. :)