Saturday, August 23, 2008


We placed 2nd in the WESH contest! What an honor considering we've only been in business 2 and some years and we were up against some incredible photographers, let alone 150 of them! Thank you guys for all of your votes and sweet words.. We feel so blessed to have you all be a part of our lives.

I'd like to give extra congrats to our friends at Ashley McCormick Photography who placed 3rd, and newbies Studio 222 who placed 5th! Our friend Anna Cakes won first in her section, so yay Anna!

I'm hoping to post our own "Root Awards" soon. ;)

I went to a local dog bakery today with my best friend and they had this super soft, furry blue blanket. I had to pick it up for my Huckleberry, 1/2 expecting him to sniff it once and never touch it again (he tends to be picky). After I put it in the bottom of his crate and was leaving the room, I turned around to see him pulling it out and shaking it around like a toy. All night he's been dragging this thing across the floor with him like Linus from Charlie Brown... Only a billion times cuter! It hasn't left his side since I brought it home. Nate grabbed this shot of him at my feet earlier while I was working:

I love my dog, and I love that he has a new best friend. :) With that being said, the Roots are exhausted. Goodnight, Moon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jillian & Family : Portrait

As I just recently mentioned, we only do family portraits for close friends, our family & past clients! Adam & Jenn were the first official wedding booking of Root Photography, so they're stuck with us for life. :) Here's a shoot we did two days ago with them and their little girl, Jillian. I'm in love!

Jillian was very aware of the cameras!
Why hello there.. :)

The proud parents. :)
AND she claps!

LOVE it.

Naaaaate, can I pleeeeeeease get one?


Guys, you know we love you. Thanks for letting us spend some family time with you!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crystal & Chris : Wedding

I. Love. Elopements.

This might have a tiny little bitty thing to do with the fact that Nathan and I eloped, but really. There's just something magical about them. :)

Crystal and Chris' engagement shoot went so well that we couldn't wait until the big day. They set a wedding date a while ago, but it wasn't until the day before that the location was pinned down, and I'm so happy they chose St. Augustine.. Everything about the day was perfect! We started at Casa Monica in the honeymoon suite for some getting ready photos of the stunning bride:
And then did a non-first look. :)
They were married at this awesome, awesome location on the beach.
We were pretty much the only ones there!
Their first kiss... EVER!

I should say at this point that we were blessed the whole day to dodge the rain like we did. The clouds were threatening the whole day, but it only rained between locations!
Crystal told me I was the first person to ever compare her to my Audrey Hepburn!

Just saying... :)
Another benefit of eloping? You can sit on the wet ground in your wedding gown!

LOVE her.


Crystal and Chris, we were floored that you chose us to be a part of your big day!!! Congrats again and we wish you the happiest of marriages! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lorie & Family : Portrait

The last of our Memphis shoots. :) We make it a policy to only do family shoots for past clients or our family... This is my 2nd family!

You guys might recognize our best friends Lorie and Jon (they're getting married in Africa in 2010!). It's so weird visiting Germantown and not having my old home to go to, since my parents left Tennessee when I did. Staying with Lorie's parents is the next best thing. I love these guys. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ashley & Justin : Engagement

I was so shy in high school. Like, painfully shy. The best friends I had were the same ones I had since elementary school, and rarely did I step outside of my comfort zone to make new friends. Ashley is the girl I always wanted as a best friend. She was in theatre with one of my best friends and they became close, but we never really got the chance to hang out. (Theatre in my school was very much a full-time job.) Needless to say, I was so excited when Ashley and I made plans over Facebook to shoot her engagement during our trip to Memphis! When Nathan and I met them at the Peabody, Ashley greeted me with the biggest, happiest welcome and treated us like celebrities for the whole shoot! (One of my favorite moments was her telling us how whenever she shows people our websites, she gets so excited to say, "I KNOW THEM!" hehehehe.)

It's such an honor that she and Justin love our work so much, seeing as not only are both of their dads photographers (Ashley met Justin when she was a student in his dad's photography class in college..), but they're both photographers themselves! My heart broke a little when I found out we were booked on their wedding date, but I'm so happy we got to play downtown Memphis. I can't believe I lived 30 minutes away for 15 years of my life, and I'm only now learning the city. :)

Memphis had the coolest spots!

I can't even imagine how gorgeous she'll look in a wedding gown!

The next part of the session is where Nathan and I are hoping to take our style. We're so lucky that more and more of our clients are willing to do whatever it takes to get 'the shot.' Ashley and Justin were no exception, and we were delighted when we found an abandoned parking garage, complete with homeless men and this little beauty:
They totally worked it out. ;)

Then we headed to Beale Street for a lil' bit.
LOVE it.


The end. :)

Ashley & Justin- Get your cute butts down here for a visit!!! Love you guys!