Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kendra & Rick : Preview

Seriously, between Kayla & Daniel and Kendra & Rick, we're feeling like the luckiest photographers in the world. I don't know how we luck out with such amazing clients, but this was one of my all time favorite shooting weeks. :)

Kendra & Rick were married in the Japanese pavilion at Walt Disney World. :)
And reception followed at one of my all time favorites, The Attic at Disney's Boardwalk. :) Characters and cute kids were involved.

*sigh.* :)
Perfect ending to the perfect wedding of a perfect couple. :)
Kendra & Rick, have a magical honeymoon, and Kendra, I look forward to seeing your face in December!! ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kayla & Daniel : Preview

Kayla, my precious tree bride, married the love of her life during an emotional ceremony this past weekend. As in love as I was with their wedding, I'm even more in love with this couple, and I'm dying to start editing their wedding!! Until then, Kayla & Daniel, I hope these can hold you over for a little while!!

I think this will be my favorite for months to come. I mean, really.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kendra & Rick : Preview

I'm way too excited about this wedding tomorrow. :) Enjoy some favorites from Kendra & Rick's session we shot this past week!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Robin & Brian : Preview

I absolutely could not be happier about the fact that Robin & Brian flew us to Denver for their wedding last weekend. :) We love this job, but there's just something special about leaving the state (or country) to photograph a wedding!

These are my favorites so far.. :)

Robin & Brian - Have an amazing time in Mexico & take tons of photos!!

Christmas in July : Sale!

Woohoo! Our biggest sale of the year, Christmas in July, is up and running between now and Sunday, July 26th, at 11:59pm EST! So for all our brides and grooms that have events live on Instaproofs: Turn down the air, warm up some hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music, and shop away!

Because a post just isn't the same without a photo, this was our holiday set-up last year. *Sigh.* Only 152 more days until Christmas Eve! :)

If you have any questions about the sale, shoot Nathan an email!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have some lovely photos en route to the blog, but until then, take a few minutes to watch this. We always love when couples put their spin on their wedding day. So... You know... If any of you decided to do something like this for your ceremony, we'd be fine with that. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas in July : Sale!

As you guys know, we'll be having our Christmas in July sale from July 24-26th! It's our biggest sale of the year, and we just wanted to give a run down on what the actual sale entails so far-

  • Four dollar 4x6" prints
  • Five dollar 5x7" prints
  • Ten dollar 8x10" prints
  • 50% off canvas prints 20x24" or larger!

We'll also be offering special pricing on collections of canvas prints, specifically 6x6" and 10x10". Details on that will be announced once the sale launches. :)

Merry Christmas in July, friends!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ashley & Jay : Engagement

I'm actually sitting here at our gate at the airport! I realized I've been slacking on the blog front lately and thought I'd do a quick post before we head to Denver. By the way, we'll be out of the office from, well, 2 hours ago to Monday night. Hooray!

Ashley and Jay are a lovely couple getting hitched this October. :)

Did I mention that Ashley is stunning? Because she totally is.
I never feel creepy when we're shooting engagements... That is, until I'm squatting in a bush to get a good shot. :)

One for Mom & Dad. :)

The love of my life! This was my view...
... This was his view. :)
We were informed that if Nathan was to fall, we were in good hands, as Jay is a doctor and Ashley a nurse! :) I don't know how it woulda helped seeing as he would have fallen *on* them, but still!

Don't you take epic romantic walks on railroad tracks every day?

Nathan and I have a gift for bringing out the crazy in everyone! :)

I love this whole series...

Foot pops are my favorite.

Hooray! Happy engagement, kids! :)