Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas from Root Photography!

Merry Christmas, friends! Nathan and I are headed up north for our first non-work related vacation in the almost 4 years we've been together!! I'm so excited, but just wanted to let you all know we'll be out of the office & away from our phones until Sunday, December 30th. So if you email and don't get a response, we'll be back next week!

Also, there will be a buy one, get a duplicate free print sale on all Instaproofs events the day after Christmas! This sale is only valid Wednesday, December 26th until midnight. :)

Happy holidays, and be safe!


Jensey Pearson, Nathan Root, & Huckleberry Finn

(Here are some of my favorites from our second session with JT! We completely lucked out that Celebration was doing a daytime test of their snowfall. I just love these!)

Happy Holidays! :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Marysa & Bruno - Wedding

Marysa and Bruno were friends for YEARS and only recently did they become a couple. Nathan and I shot their engagement session at Marysa's parents' home in Windermere where she grew up. When they started wedding planning, they had a big guestlist and gorgeous venue picked out. But they soon realize how a wedding at home, with only their closest friends and family, was the right thing for them. We're so happy to have been picked to share in such an intimate day. As much as I love photographing brides getting ready in fancy salons and gorgeous hotel rooms, there was something incredibly special about Marysa putting her wedding gown on next to her kindergarten-through-senior-year school photos on the wall! :)

The best thing about this wedding was all the time Marysa scheduled in for us to do a bridal shoot with her outside her parents' home. Her dress was timeless, and I just loved her classic look. Thank you to Marysa and Bruno for such a smooth wedding day, and an extra thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Carter for being such wonderful hosts and making us feel like part of your family!

I hope I look this flawless in February!!

I love the album-cover feel to this one:
I think she was a little excited to walk down that aisle... :)

If you look closely in this next one, you can see Marysa & Bruno kissing!

Marysa danced to 'Edelweiss' with her Daddy.

Cheers! :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Krystal & Ernest - Wedding

When Krystal first found us, she was in desperate need of help - Her wedding photographer bailed on her! Luckily, Nate and I had the day open and were able to step in. We all shared a little 'small world' moment when Nate and Ernest realized they had taken classes together at UCF!

Congratulations, guys!!

I loved Krystal's long veil!

By the time we were able to go out with the couple, we only had a few short minutes of sunlight. Luckily, we were able to play with their silhouettes!

Krystal and Ernest really rocked that dance floor!

Thanks again, guys!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Beth & Joey - Wedding

First off, a HUGE congrats goes out to Teresa and Josh for winning our first ever contest!! I can't wait to see their picture on canvas!

Now on to the first of our November weddings:

Beth and Joey have been together since high school. He was a football player, and she was on the cheerleading squad. They are SUCH a cute couple, and their love is contagious! These guys were planning for a gorgeous beach wedding, but because of a tropical storm, they ended up saying their vows on the top floor of a hotel. You'd never guess anything was changed by spending time with them, and regardless of the weather, they had such a fun wedding! I loved their up-beat choreographed first dance, and Beth's dress was unlike any I've seen! The best part of the wedding for us was working with the AMAZING Joe Magic of Orlando Event Pros. I can't brag enough about this guy.. He's professional, funny, and DOES MAGIC. The guests just eat it up! I'd gladly reccommend him to ANYONE looking for a DJ that will keep the wedding reception memorable, while also keeping it classy!

Well, enough talking, on to the photos!

I love this shot of Joey-

Aren't they gorgeous?

Joe Magic doing his thing!

As much as I loved their cake, their mermaid cake topper was my favorite!

BEST BRIDE DANCING PHOTO EVER!! I want it on canvas over my desk! :)

The guests doing Nate's favorite dance.. The Cha Cha Slide!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anna & Ken - Wedding

Anna and Ken hired us for just a few hours to capture their wedding day in Ormond Beach, FL. We had a great time, and they had such a beautiful botanic garden wedding!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

100th Post Extravaganza!

    We never thought when starting this blog that we'd turn it into a full-time thing, but here we are, 100 posts later! To celebrate this special milestone for Root Photography, Nathan & I have put together our first official contest!

    We've compiled a small group with some of our favorite moments captured from this past year... maybe it's a favorite photograph, or maybe the featured models just hold a special place in our hearts. Our wonderful contestants are featured below (numbered) so you can vote on them in the poll to your right. Enjoy...

    Now, it can't officially be a contest without a prize!

    The winner in the photo with the most votes will receive one of our favorite, favorite things in the world... a 16x20" gallery wrap canvas print! (a $400 value)

    Voting ends Wednesday, November 28th so have fun and good luck, ya'll!

            Love, Nate & Jensey