Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're Blowing This Popsicle Stand!

I apologize for the severe lack of blogs.. We have some pretty big things going on this side of the camera! :)

  • Nathan and I will be out of the country for a wedding in the Virgin Islands until Tuesday, November 4th, and won't be back home until Saturday, November 8th. We'll have limited access to email until the 4th, so please be patient while we do our best to get back to you in a timely manner! ;)
  • We also just recently moved, but our phone numbers haven't changed. If you need our new mailing address, drop us an email and let us know! :)
  • The winter print sale will take place Sunday, November 30th through Wednesday, December 3rd. More info on what the sale entails soon, but this will be the perfect time to pick up gifts for family!
I think that's it.. Until next time, here's our baby! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Renee & Shane : Wedding

Renee and Shane's wedding day really was their dream come true. From the ultimate fairytale location at Disney's Wedding Pavilion to the majordomo that introduced them prince-and-princess style at the reception, everything was perfect.

Renee was absolutely flawless on her wedding day..
I loved the diamonds in the gerber daisies!
From the wedding pavilion window, there's a perfect view of Cinderella Castle in the background. I seriously find it so much cooler with the crane next to it! :)

Taking a walk with her Dad..

Favorite. :)
I know I've said it a million times before, but Disney wedding cakes win. Hands down.

This was the cutest thing ever.. There were chair covers and bows around every seat at the reception, and they even put a bow around the highchairs. :)
First dance love.
Mickey signing the guest book. :)

So, we were on the bus with the guests driving to their dessert party at Epcot, when Nathan noticed the bus driver was playing Rambo on the video screens. We were cracking up, and I'm still amazed no one else noticed!
What better way to end your wedding day than with the greatest fireworks show ever?

The end. :)

Vacation with the Roots : Finale!

I love that these were the last pictures taken on our trip, and they're by far my favorite. :)

Vacation with the Roots : Part 6

Last day in Disneyland! :(

We snuck back to the Haunted Mansion for some final shots..

Love it! :)

I was excited ?

Mhmm. :)

Some last Teacup love!


A different take on the carousel..

We were pretty much the last ones out for the night!

Nathan was testing the flash on me. :)

This is why we need to bring the point-and-shoot camera on vacation!

The end! :)

Vacation with the Roots : Part 5

Alright. Time to get this baby done!

Day 5 was San Diego day for Nathan and I, which meant we hit the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, which was totally worth the drive!

This is for all my CP readers! :)

We saw this hot air balloon-like-thing on the way in, and I really wanted to do it..

.. Until I saw this was the only thing holding it from flying away! Yikes!

I don't know if you can see how massive this thing is, but you can see how small the people are!

Then we went on the safari tram ride thing. I had pretty high expectations considering I was a safari tour guide in Animal Kingdom, but Disney's got nothing on this location!

My favorite animal!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite of the day:

Nathan, can we please move now??