Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anna & Nick - Wedding

Anna and Nick were married at the beautiful Rainbow Springs State Park here in Florida. They said their vows in front of this huge waterfall with their closest friends & family members gathered around them. It really was beautiful....even though I got completely mauled by mosquitos! Future brides: If I reak of mosquito repellant at your wedding, I do apologize! ;)

Their outdoor wedding was followed by an outdoor reception, which included a two-man folk band, cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, and guests playing frisbee & other lawn games! The best part of the reception was when one of their guests decided to take it upon herself to round up guests wearing the same colored clothes for us to take a picture. We did a red group photo, black & white, purple, green, etc.. It was so great! Not only did it make guests get out of their comfort zone and force them to mingle with other guests, but it also makes for a really unique spread for their wedding album.

Anyway... On to the pictures!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holiday Deadlines!!

I just wanted to write a quick post and let everyone know our holiday deadlines:

Albums- Sunday, October 28th

Prints - Saturday, December 8th

All orders placed before these deadlines will arrive before Christmas Day!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Becky & Cannon - Wedding

Just to let everyone know- Nathan and I have just moved to a home in Celebration, FL. If anyone needs to update their address books with our new contact information, let us know! (

Our cell phones get NO reception in the house, so we had to get a land line. Our new number is 321-206-5045, but we're still working out some kinks with Vonage. Please be patient with us during this transition time!


Becky and Cannon were married in Knowles Chapel at Rollins College, with a reception following in the Grand Bohemian in downtown Orlando. Becky was totally relaxed all day, and she didn't even flinch when Cannon walked in the room where we were taking her bridal portraits! We just love a laid-back bride. :)

This was the first of 3 weddings we shot in a week, so I'll be making a few additional posts soon! Until then, enjoy!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sarah & Ben - Wedding

I've known Sarah ever since the 2nd grade. We were both in Mrs. Jones' class, and I was totally jealous of her because, at age 7, she was pretty much the most amazing artist I'd ever encountered. Seriously. Sarah was obsessed with all things Judy Garland, and her drawing of Toto was picked to be showcased at our school's front office for everyone to see. I did what any normal 7 year old girl would do with such strong feelings of jealousy... I stole her horse necklace one day on the playground and lied about it to the teacher!

I finally apologized for such hasty childhood actions when we found eachother on years and years later, and thankfully, she forgave me. So much so that she invited Nate and I to shoot her beach wedding last week! We had quite the trip up to Destin, (including our car overheating in Talahassee, and us having to rent a car, shoot the wedding, and pick it up on midnight the next day), but we finally made it, and all was worth it once Sarah got zipped in her beautiful gown!

All that said, it really was wonderful to be a part of her wedding day! You'd never know by the way Ben and Sarah look at eachother that they just met four months ago!

Congratulations, ya'll! We hope to see you again soon! :)