Friday, April 30, 2010

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michelle & Chris : Wedding

Surely you remember Michelle and Chris from their adorable engagement shoot, one of my favorites from last year. :)

Michelle was friends with Nathan long before Root Photography came about. In college, Nate refused to shoot people, but he did one group photo of Michelle and her roommates (which he's kinda embarrassed of and hopes never sees the light of day!) The first time I met Michelle was at a Halloween party we went to when Nate and I were first dating... I'm pretty sure she was dressed up as a sexy fire-woman. ;)

We were so excited when Michelle and Christopher contacted us to shoot their big day, we knew she'd be such a fun bride. Luckily for us, Michelle didn't disappoint! :)

You may remember Michelle is just under 5 feet tall... She brought in the troops for her big day!
Love this photo of Michelle and Mom.
Teary dads make me happy, too. Random fact: Michelle's parents used to be wedding photographers. :)

Michelle's note to Chris before the ceremony- "Will you marry me? Circle YES or NO."

My favorite thing about shooting friends' weddings- Knowing some of the guests!


Beautiful Michelle.

Since their reception was at Church Street, there were plenty of places to play.

Their first dance was to Sarah McLachlan's "Ice Cream."


Michelle played teleprompter while Chris delivered his speech. (That's an iPhone in her hands.)

One of our favorite DJs ever, MJ of Junction 88. We love him so much he was gonna do our wedding! :)
Nathan's friend Danielle and her sister. :)

The end! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amanda & Justin : Wedding

It was about 9 years ago. Amanda and Justin were 20 when they went to a staff party and Justin went to Amanda and asked, "Do you like me? I like you." She thought he was sweet, and the rest was history. :) These Canadians were married at Disney World, a decision that for once, was made by the groom! Both loved Disney, and neither had been to the World... They loved the idea of being able to have a unique wedding with characters and fireworks. :) We're happy they did, or else we never would have met!

We started the day right away with a first look, our favorite. But you probably know that already. :)

I loooooove this scene. :)

Favorite. :)

We love working at Sea Breeze Point...

Just after the ceremony, it started pouring.

First dance love!
Easily my favorite detail of the wedding- Their Wii cake toppers! They also had some made for their groomsmen gifts. :) If you're curious, they had them made from Paul Pape Designs.
So cute. :)

Then some special guests showed up!
The Boardwalk at night is magical. :)

Amanda and Justin, thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!!