Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lorie!

5 things we love about Lorie

1- I only had the strength to move to FL because she came with me.
2- For a rookie bed-jumper, she's pretty darn good!
3- With her as a sister figure in my life, I get her Mom as my 2nd Mom. :)
4- She has the loudest laugh ever.
5- She's been the biggest cheerleader for our business since day 1.
*Bonus - Her fiance isn't too bad, either. ;)

We love you, L! Happy birthday!!!!

1 comment:

Phu said...

Happy Birthday, Lorie!

I can't wait for you and your sister Jensey (ofcourse Jon and Nate, too) move to Nashville :)

Love you all!!