Friday, October 30, 2009

Kelly & Gregg : Preview

These are my favorites (so far) from Kelly & Gregg's just married session.

Kelly said she starts every day by kissing Gregg's head and making a wish. :)
Favorite. :)

They brought a prop!

Kelly & Gregg, we hope you had a great end to your visit! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jamie & Jason : Wedding

Jamie and Jason were married in Tampa this past May.

I love this shot through the door of Jason playing his guitar. :)
Jamie and Jason were AWESOME and opted for the first look. Jamie wanted to do it walking down the aisle. :)

I loooooooove this one. :)

It's never a bad day when Simply Cinematic is involved. :)

I loved the light the giant windows brought in. :)
Jason surprised Jamie by playing a song he wrote for her.
Listening to the song. :)
I love my husband. :)

Proof that Mom was here!
Jamie and Jason gave us some time to play around in the reception's parking garage. :)

LOVE this!

First dance love.

Jason's brother gave an emotional best man speech.

Jamie and Jason were married 6 years from their first date. To the day. :)

More Rainer love. :)

Jason's mom was goooorgeous.
Yeah... We're nerds. ;)

This was the view from their reception hall-

What a night! Thanks for everything, Jamie and Jason! :)