Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amanda & Justin : Wedding

It was about 9 years ago. Amanda and Justin were 20 when they went to a staff party and Justin went to Amanda and asked, "Do you like me? I like you." She thought he was sweet, and the rest was history. :) These Canadians were married at Disney World, a decision that for once, was made by the groom! Both loved Disney, and neither had been to the World... They loved the idea of being able to have a unique wedding with characters and fireworks. :) We're happy they did, or else we never would have met!

We started the day right away with a first look, our favorite. But you probably know that already. :)

I loooooove this scene. :)

Favorite. :)

We love working at Sea Breeze Point...

Just after the ceremony, it started pouring.

First dance love!
Easily my favorite detail of the wedding- Their Wii cake toppers! They also had some made for their groomsmen gifts. :) If you're curious, they had them made from Paul Pape Designs.
So cute. :)

Then some special guests showed up!
The Boardwalk at night is magical. :)

Amanda and Justin, thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!!

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Samantha Nandez said...

What great cake toppers! Did you have to get special permission to shoot at Disney? I heard they no longer allowed photographers they didn't employ. Glad you got to do it!