Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crystal & Chris : Engagement

We shot Crystal and Chris' engagement where we've done many other sessions lately- Rollins and Park Avenue. This was the perfect couple for us at the perfect time, because once again, we've become a little too familiar with the Park Ave scene.

When our locations start getting a little stale to us, our work feels the same. When Nathan asked Crystal where she wanted her engagement shoot, we did everything we could to discourage another Park Ave shoot. Crystal made it clear she didn't care if we skipped out on the usual spots, she just wanted it somewhere in the vicinity. We loved her for that, and I couldn't be happier with the new spots we found! :)

Have I also mentioned they're eloping next month?!!

One more thing to take note of before scrolling the photos.. These guys have been together for years and haven't kissed... They won't until their wedding day! Nathan and I were a little worried at how the session would go, seeing as this was a first for us. However, between fresh locations and having to think a little outside of our box, it ended up being one of my favorite sessions of the year!

With certain expressions, Crystal reminded me so much of my idol, Audrey Hepburn. I think this one was my favorite from the session for that very reason!

On to Park Ave...
I love the feel of this one!

I could seriously shoot her all day!

LOVE it!

Guys, we'll see you next month!!

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Studio222 Photography said...

So beautiful, and tender. I love the one of their hands! You guys are amazing!