Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mayra & Jay : Engagement

Well, I guess I should post Mayra and Jay next, seeing as today is their WEDDING day! :) We shot their session right here in Celebration.

Shooting through fountains always makes kisses look magical to me. :)
Jay asked us, "Do you mind if I pick her up? I do it all the time in random places." I thought he was just gonna carry her, and then they did this! I'm not gonna lie... I'm kinda hoping they do it again today with Mayra in her gown. :)

Love, love, LOVE when clients bring props! Get creative, people! We just eat it up. :)
My favorite from the session!!

Love it. :)

Yes, they're rockstars. ;)

Yay! Happy wedding day, Jay & Mayra!

(Coming up next: Carrie & Dan, Crystal & Chris, Shanna & Mike, Kelly & Mike, Klarissa & Abe, Jennika & Branden, + 12 more! Oy, vey!)

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