Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vote for Root Photography!!

Calling all blog stalkers! We need your help! Our local news has an "A-List" contest every year to let everyone know who the best businesses in the area are, from restaurants to well, photographers! Nathan and I have been nominated along with well over 100 other photographers in the area, and we're currently #2! I know! :)

We've been holding out on the blog post until now and just spreading it around Facebook and MySpace, and we've had such a wonderful response! I'm so happy to have fresh testimonies for our website, too. Talk about warm fuzzies!!

Please take a moment and vote for us (and if you love us extra, try to get friends and family to vote, too!) Just click on the cute banner below, then click on the big yellow "VOTE" button under Root Photography! You pretty much just have to verify your email address and you're good to go.

Thank you so much for making our little business that could what it is today! We love you guys!


Justin and Lu said...

Just voted! We'll try to get some friends and family in on the action, too. :-)

cynthia & shane :) said...

Good luck guys!
Hope you win... I wonder how many emails I can vote with... ;)

Brooke and Chris said...

I just voted and wrote a review. There is no question about it...you guys deserve to win.