Thursday, July 31, 2008

Klarissa & Abe : Wedding

I'm just about to go to bed, but I wanted to post some favorites from Klarissa and Abe's wedding a while back! Because they live out of town, we weren't able to meet them before the wedding day, but I was amazed at how natural they both were in front of the camera! Such a relief! :)

Klarissa had such a classic look to her:
The "first look." Love it.
Isn't she gorgeous?!

This was our first Mormon wedding! We weren't able to be in the Temple for the ceremony since we aren't members of the church. We waited outside with some of the other guests for them to come out after the sealing... Here they are just married!

LOVE it!
Klarissa and Abe had a ring ceremony for the guests that weren't able to watch the sealing.
Favorite. :)
Her sweet dad officiated the ceremony.

Yay cake! The flowers on the outside were designed to match her dress, which I thought was just fabulous!
Abe ended the evening with a song he wrote for Klarissa!
Then they watched a slideshow...
Klarissa did the bouquet toss right before they left for the night! She gave the flowers a little extra help finding their way to her sister. :)

Klarissa and Abe, thank you for the honor!! Happy eternity. :)


Rebecca said...

Lovely pictures taken of what looks like a lovely couple. Well done.

Jensey! said...

Rebecca, thanks for commenting! They were quite the lovely couple! :)

Abe said...

We absolutely loved you guys! The pictures turned out even better than we'd hoped for. Your ideas, angles, and finishing effects have just captured so much of the day! We really appreciate your excellent work. And special thanks for posting our pics on your blog!

Gillian said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful bride & groom! I'm a friend of Klarissa's sister. Anyway, great job.