Saturday, July 05, 2008

Laura & Hunter : Engagement

I've known Laura since middle school, and I've never seen her so happy! We did an engagement shoot with her and her fiance, Hunter, on one of our Memphis trips last month. :) They have a friend shooting their wedding, but I'm so glad we got the honor of capturing their engagement!

One for Mom & Dad..After a while Laura's daughter, Lexi, joined in!

I can't wait to have a family!!
I'm such a sucker for laughing photos!
Lexi was a total character. I think this was her insisting to not let go of "Halo", her blanket. :)
This is one of the few photos in my life that makes me literally giggle out loud when I see it! Lexi looooved working it for the cameras. ;)

LOVE it!

Yep. :)

These next two were taken at the same moment, but I can't pick a favorite. This is Nathan's view:
And mine:
Favorite from the session! :)
Laura & Hunter, thank you for hanging out with us! We had a blast! :)

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