Monday, July 14, 2008

Kristin & Charlie : Rehearsal

Here are some favorites from my brother's wedding rehearsal in Oregon. :)

My new favorite photographer, the legendary Luke "I have come to America to steal your women" Martyn. He shot us all weekend!

I can post this because they're family. :):):)
Me and my sister, the prettiest bridesmaid.
Kristin is adorable!
Mommy giving a speech!

It was all fun and games until someone brought a Kama Sutra book for the guestbook! Here's Luke learning a thing or two..
Yep. :)

This is Charlie & Kristin's child, Acey. I was in love!
Here's their Goddaughter, who I wanted to sneak in my suitcase..

Yeah, you can't take me anywhere.

Happy wedding eve.

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Kristin Pearson said...

I've only looked at these pictures a hundred times and I still get all teary eyed every time I look at them! Lol