Monday, July 14, 2008

Kristin & Charlie : Wedding Cont.

My brother's wedding, part two!

The reception was held at Willamette Valley Vinyards... Gorgeous!

Instead of a DJ, they had a string trio play... It was so classy!

Charlie and Kristin got married on my Dad's birthday, so instead of the traditional groom's cake, they surprised him with a birthday cake. (My Dad's a pilot.. As is my brother and half of the wedding guests, so this was beyond perfect!)
The very definition of cute:
My crazy little sister:
We headed out to the vineyard for sunset.

Kristin really is this cute in person!

I love my family. :)
This is Chris giving the best man speech. He started talking about how Kristin knew what she was getting into from the first date when Charlie turned to her after an hour and said, "Well, that's enough about me. Let's talk about airplanes."

None of the guests had any idea they would be doing a through-the-years slideshow, and I think I had tears streaming down my face through the whole thing.
My favorite.
And a couple more of us.. Because I can. :)

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