Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Carrie & Patrick - Preview!!

I know I typically don't post previews, but this particular bride has a pretty big following among some of our recent clients! Nathan and I shot our first Disney wedding *GRIN.* Here are 3 of my favorites... I've already told Nathan I want the portraits on our office! More to come on them in the next week or so. :)

In the meantime, check out how cool our clients are! Here's a link to Patrick's company, Swazzle! Make sure you check out the behind the scenes video- It's our favorite! Now we're itching to get out to LA and do a shoot for the company!


Moxie said...

Oh what a tease! Breathtaking. You both are very quickly becoming my favorite photogs in Orlando!

C&S said...

You guys have outdone yourself... :)

brandee said...


jenseylove said...

Moxie- Thanks so much for the huge compliment!!

c&s- Just wait until you see the rest!! :)

Brandee- Thank you!

Anita said...

These pics are great! I LOVED the engagement pics you guys took of Patrick and Carrie, and this little teaser has whetted my appetite for more! The wedding was gorgeous so I KNOW your pics will be as well!

And PLEASE, come shoot us at Swazzle! I'd LOVE to see what you guys come up with -- and get a picture of me taken by you! A win-win!

I didn't even bother taking wedding pics because I knew you guys would do such a great job! Let me know when I can get more of 'em!

MAteiu Alexandru said...

well..Wow....Guys your photos are Breathtaking!...Keep on the good work!!!