Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random February Contest!

A couple weeks ago, Nathan and I went and did some group shots (gasp!) before Disney World opened. (My mom works for Guest Relations there.) We were both sooooo sick at the time, and I feel horrible for being so out of it, but I think we still got some good traditional shots!

Anyway, here's your random contest: Below is a shot of my mom with some of her co-workers. If you identify the correct woman in plaid, we'll send you a 5x7" print of your choice from your wedding or engagement session!* Hint: She's an avid marathon runner and I get my smile from her! And she's really pretty... Duh! ;)

So, the first person to correctly guess who my mom is in a comment on this post, wins! And don't forget to let us know who you are!!!

*Zane: You're in the photo, so therefore you guys are disqualified from this one. Next time! ;)


Adam S said...

Random guess: I say 2nd row, all the way on the left. The marathon and smile hint skewed me, because I was going to guess 2nd row, dead center, 6th plaid from the left. But I'm locking in: dead left, second row, totally a guess.

bawhited said...

Okay, here's my guess. I think your mom is the beautiful blonde woman wearing glasses in the second row. She is second to the right standing next to the blonde woman wearing a sweater. I hope all is well with you and Nate!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate and Jensey it's Mari and Anthony, hopefully I am the first comment. Anyway, I am between the two corner ladies stading up. I am going to guess that it is the lady in the right hand corner with the glasses and blonde hair standing right next to the lady without the plaid. It is the shorter one not the taller one behind the lady without the uniform. Did I guess right?

nickhellrung said...

Am I eligable????

jenseylove said...

Brooke & Mari- You guys win! Hooray!!

Adam- I love your educated guesses! I love that you guessed the girl to the far left. I think she's in her upper 20's, but I can see where you'd think that! :)

Nick- If you've been to her home, that would probably be a no. But... We haven't shot your engagement session or wedding anyway, have we? ;)

mom said...

This was great to be a part of your contest. I do run A lot! and Jensey is far more beautiful than I. This was so much fun , thank you for allowing me to have some fun with all of you. So what do I get out of this besides childbirth? If I were to ever marry again I would book you both before I say "yes". Love you both.mommy ;)