Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sarah & Marshall - Wedding

Nathan and I are waiting on our friends to get here to start watching the Super Bowl, so I figured I'd kill some time and share a wedding!

This is Sarah and Marshall, and they were the first wedding we shot as 'Mr. and Mrs.'! We had just gotten back from our honeymoon when we shot this in December. In fact, during one part of the reception, I was asking the DJ a question, and he started his answer with "Well, as I was just telling your husband..." It took me a good minute after he left before I pieced together the fact he was talking about Nathan!

Sarah and Marshall were married at Longwood Hills Congregational, and their reception was in the Longwood Community Center, this really cute Victorian house.

I've decided that we officially get the most gorgeous brides... Marshall is really into photography, so Sarah really knew how to work the camera. What a dream! :)

Here are some favorites...

Here's Sarah getting ready at her parents' home:

I love chocolate brown and pink together!

The stunning bride... She actually reminds me a lot of another Sarah Elizabeth I know!

And the equally handsome groom...

One of my favorite groomsmen shots!

Marshall's sister had a GORGEOUS voice! She had to be the most gifted singer I've ever heard at a wedding... When she sang 'Ave Maria' during the ceremony, I felt like we were in an Opera house!

This was their wedding cake! It was so funny when it took one of the guests an hour or so to realize it was cake, not the gift table!

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through|His|lens said...

wow, really amazing work with this one...

it gets better and better...

jenseylove said...

Thank you!!