Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zane & Laetitia - Engagement & Wedding

Zane works with my Mom at Disney World, so he's been hearing relentless bragging about our work for a while now. ;)

Laetitia is from France, and they met during her International Program at Disney. They're having their 'real' wedding this November in Champagne, France, but they had a short legal ceremony last month. Nate and I were happy to spend the day with them, starting with an engagement session around property, and ending with their ceremony at sunset.

We started the day at Disney's Wide World of Sports, where Zane met Laetitia playing softball!

We were able to sneak onto the field for some:

My favorite shot of Nate's... I love the pure joy in Zane's face.

Then we headed to the Grand for some fun..

This is them walking down the dock to get (legally) married.

Laetitia wanted to keep the whole thing very simple and wasn't planning on even wearing a dress, but then a friend offered her old prom dress, which happened to be white!

Ever since Zane was a kid, he thought it'd be funny to get married and use ring pops during the ceremony. So....

The kiss!

Zane and Laetitia, we hope to see you in November!!!! ;)

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