Monday, February 25, 2008

Marcy & Mert - Engagement

Marcy and Mert are getting married this April at Disney's Yacht Club! After Carrie & Patrick's wedding, I'm all giddy at the thought of another Disney wedding. We really had a good time hanging out with these guys! They're such a warm couple to be around, and I love that they met when Mert was a server at Marcy's table! :)

For their engagement session, we met around Disney's Yacht and Beach Club, and finished in downtown Celebration. Enjoy!

I love the sweetness of this shot!

One of my favorites from the session-

Love the brick with Marcy's b&w top!

I loooooove the popping colors in downtown Celebration!

My other favorite from the day! They're gonna make such a perfect bride and groom!

I took this one when we were at the Boardwalk... Rocky Top really will always be home sweet home to me! I love random orange sightings. :) I'm sooooo happy that the Vols kicked Memphis' arse last week!! Let's just hope they can keep it up...
Marcy & Mert- We'll see you guys SOON!


Sasa said...

Hi! I just found your blog on DA (btw, I'm s-a-s-a on that site).
I really like your images, they're so sweet

And the blog is nice too :)

See you!


Darcie Bruce said...

Oh! Where are you from in Tennessee? I just graduated from UT... accounting and finance. Ugh... why did I take that instead of photography.