Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cassie & Jake - TTD

A while ago, Nathan was given an awesome chance to work with our Brian Adams and Simply Cinematic on a trash the dress session! They even rented a Shelby Mustang GT for the shoot. Brian was going for a sort of 'Sin City' theme throughout the day, and I'm so jealous I wasn't there! These were so much fun to edit, though! If you wanna see the whole slideshow of what Nathan came away with (because I really don't think these 15 do the shoot justice...), click here!

These were all taken in a car wash!

Don't you wanna make out on the hood of a car after looking at these?!

Love the feet shot!

My favorite from the shoot!!!

Brian had the couple standing on buckets in the water!

Love it. :)
Downtown Orlando looking glamorous...

Miss Cassie and a motorcycle on top of Star Tower in Downtown Orlando:

How awesome would it be for a bride and groom to exit their wedding reception like this!?
*A note for our past, current, and future brides: If you're at ALL interested in doing a trash the dress shoot, please let us know!! We'd love to make it happen. Why keep your dress collecting dust in the attic when you can glorify it for fabulous pictures you'll have to look at the rest of your life?

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Anita said...

I am SO going to have to plan another trip to Orlando (the last one was for a wedding--you guys snapped those pics too!)to do a Trash the Dress Session with you guys! It would be seriously fun!