Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stacy & Brian : Engagement

Stacy and Brian are friends of both Jamie and Jeff, and Kelly and Mike! :) It's beyond wonderful to shoot friends of past clients we just love, because not only do we get to look forward to catching up with old friends on the wedding day, but it's been our experience that happy people are friends with happy people. :)

This session was beyond refreshing to us.. We love working in new locations! The session started in downtown Orlando by Church Street..
Love this!


They were up for anything... Have I mentioned how much I love these guys?
This is why Nathan is a great photographer!
Hello, Favorite! :)

Brian did an incredible job!
For part two, we hit the Grand..

The end! Stacy and Brian, happy planning!!

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throughHislens said...

was there a few weeks ago for the World photo walk thing...

nice job you two!