Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sara-Jayne & Gavin : Reception

Sara-Jayne and Gavin, oh how I love thee...

It's clients like these that make us fall in love with our job all over again. Sara-Jayne and Gavin came over from England to have a wedding here in Disney World. They had already hired another wedding photographer when they found our work, so they asked us to shoot their engagement, part of their wedding day (when their other photographer took a break), and then a "Just Married" session a few days after their wedding.

Sara-Jayne is my newest best friend, and I'm so happy to have a friend over the pond. :) She's been teaching me some great British phrases, and I'm hoping the next time we see her, she can help me refine my already wonderful British accent. ;) Anyway.. Here are some pictures from their 2nd reception we got to cover at the Grand Floridian!

Who needs glass slippers? ;)

My newest videographer crush, Jeffrey Stoner. Seriously.. He's amazing!

Gavin pulled out the guitar and serenaded Sara-Jayne with an Elvis song..

Us, Jeffrey, and the newlyweds! :)
Sara-Jayne, give Casanova and Excalibur a ruffle for us! :)


mom-the-bomb said...

I want those shoes!!!! Do they come in lime green or black??? Where can I get some???

Great shots. You guys soooo rock!!!

Sara-Jayne :) said...

Aww, you guys! I nearly cried when I read your posts! I'm so glad we met you, we have detatchment issues! I know I keep saying it but we just loved spending time with you guys ~ you're both the most genuine people on the planet. I promise next time (I'm saving my pennies!) we'll make it to Jiko ~ on us!

Casanova and Excalibur said "Arooo" for the ruffles and they are sending one for Huck. They asked what Huck's favourite colour is as they have him a little gift in the planning.

Well, enough from me, I feel so sad being so far away!


(not looking at all as wonderful as she does in your photos!)

P.S. For your other poster, I customised my shoes, all my own work! :)