Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mayra & Jay : Wedding

You might remember these guys from their killer engagement session a few months back. My new favorite thing is shooting weddings for family members of past brides and grooms.. When we were shooting Mayra and Jay's wedding, Nathan and I really felt like part of the family!

The best thing about dresses that lace up in the back is that we have plenty of time to get that perfect shot!
I love the feel of this moment..
Mayra's Mom & Dad giving her away:

Recognize these pretty faces? :)

Yummy light..


First dance love. :)

The end!
Mayra & Jay, you guys were awesome! Gloria, we can't wait til it's your turn! ;)


carli {inkedfingers} said...

You guys really know how to knock those bride/groom portraits out of the park! Lovely wedding! :)

Mari & Ant said...

Yaya! Jensey you blogged on Mayri and Jay. I loved these pictures. Anyway the comment about Gloria is soo cute she wanted me to tell you that you're such a sweetheart. Anytime we talk about you guys she always says I can't wait for my wedding.