Saturday, September 06, 2008

Roomies : Session :)

Every year when I ask my sister what she wants for her birthday, she always says a photo shoot. Amelia and I are different as night and day, and this is a perfect example! When Nathan points a camera at me, I hide behind my hands. When Amelia sees a camera, she breaks out the poses. ;) 

When Amelia joined her sorority, I was so worried about the people she'd meet and trouble she'd get into. I was scared my sweet little sister would morph into Regina from Mean Girls or something! Now I know it was the best thing for her, and I've never seen her happier! I've gotten to meet a few of the girls she's friends with and see that they really do take care of eachother. :) Nathan and I even got to move her in this year, where we had fun re-naming their dining hall to the "scrapbooking room," and one of the living rooms to the "naked pillowfight room." It's just too easy! 

SO, for Amelia's birthday shoot this year, we did a shoot with her roommates. :)

Fun fact: The 3rd girl in was actually a guest at Erin & Chris' wedding!
I think Nathan grabbed this one when I was making fun of Amelia for sitting on the ground... How cute is her reaction? :)

The girls doing their magic sorority sign... ;)


Amelia said...

lovee all the pics :) love you so much, sissy !!

Elle Woods said...

Snaps for Jensey and Nate ;)