Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lindsey & Eric : Wedding

Lindsey and Eric had a fabulous wedding on the 4th of July at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. I think the Ritz is the most magical place to get married in Orlando... Whenever I step in the doors of the lobby, I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast just waiting for the staff to break into "Be Our Guest."

As wonderful as the venue was, the couple was even better. Lindsey is one of the funniest women I've ever met and I consider her the President of our fan club! When we first met, she gave me the biggest hug and asked if April had her baby. It made me so happy, and it's brides like Lindsey that keep me blogging. I love when our brides know other Root Photography brides on first name basis, even though they've never met! :)

Even pre-gown, Lindsey was downright stunning on her wedding day.
Another point for the Ritz staff: Lindsey lost a bunch of weight before her big day and her dress went though a number of alterations. Once she put the dress on, though, the straps on her gown were falling down. One call to the wedding coordinator and 15 minutes later, a seamstress was meeting us in the lobby to save the day. I love it!


The cake cutting got a little messy...
Making it work on the dance floor..

Madonna. :)

BEST. PART. OF. THE. DAY. Lindsey requested for "Bad Boys" to be played, and she, her dad, and her sister hit the dance floor, dancing and pretending to be handcuffed. It was outright hilarious, and I will forever think of them when I hear that song!
LOVE it.
What's a 4th of July wedding at the Ritz without a personalized fireworks show? ;)

The end. :) Lindsey and Eric, ya'll rock my face off. We'll see you in JANUARY!

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I adore her "OMG I'm married" face! :)