Saturday, April 12, 2008

April & Josh - Maternity

You guys should all recognize April & Josh from my favorite photo on our website:
April and I went to high school together back in Tennessee, and Nathan and I shot her & Josh's wedding last February. Their wedding really did change my life - Not only was it beautiful and our first destination wedding, but it was also our first (and so far only) elopement.

I used to think that was such a horrible word- Elope. I only associated it with this couple I met on a plane to Disney once when I was little; There was a bride, dress and all, and her groom... They had enough with the family drama and hopped a plane to Florida to elope, leaving their families and friends at the altar to go say their vows on the beach!

Then there was April & Josh's wedding. It was planned out, and they got married in their favorite place. It was the smallest, purest, most intimate wedding I'd ever been a part of, and it's the only wedding other than my own that I've really, honestly cried! Eloping didn't seem so dirty and taboo anymore.. It was just.. Them. No more, no less. Needless to say, that wedding changed my life.. Nathan and I eloped last Christmas Eve. :)

As we all know, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... bigger clothes! (You'll have to wait til June for some baby photos!) April and Josh are expecting a baby boy. This kid is going to be the most ridiculous good looking child... Ever. When I think about what Hux will look like- Wait. Yes, their little boys' nickname will be Hux. And yes, I'm already just a little obsessed with him. When I think about what he'll look like, I just have this mental image of Brad Pitt's face on a baby's body. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

As uncomfortable as I used to be with the eloping matter... That was NOTHING compared to how I am with the whole pregnancy & newborn thing. I want babies so badly... I love looking at babies, and I LOVE all the stuff they come with (Stollers, tiny clothes, and toys, oh my!), but I freak out whenever someone tries to hand me a baby. Like, I'm always afraid I'll break them, and just assume as soon as I pick up a baby, they'll hate me. I just can't take that immediate rejection.

I'm also so weirded out that women get babies growing IN them. It feels so sci-fi to me. This might be due to the fact that I've never had a pregnant friend. Seeing April was wonderful- She was just glowing, and Josh was so attentive to her needs. It was still weird when I'd be next to April and realize, you know.. There's a little boy in there, but for the first time, I don't know.. It was so cool! :)

Alright.. enough talking, here are my favorites. :)

I'm so happy Nathan climbs trees... We never could have gotten these!

Letting the baby take a whif...

Still gorgeous!

We were in this field of yellow flowers with the most beautiful pregnant girl ever; I felt like we were shooting Reese Witherspoon for the cover of People or something. ;)

April is fabulous, and jumped in a fountain for some shots. I'm so happy she did!!

Of course, I can't make this post without showing the future big brother, Hemi!

April & Josh - Thank you for everything. We can't wait to meet Hux!!!


Karin N Xavi said...

The pictures are awesome!!

It's amazing how you guys have been able to capture such an important stage on their lives as it is that one of starting their own family. :-)

"Congratulations to the future parents."

Lorie said...

April has always been gorgeous but she looks stunning in this shoot. Great job once again Jensey and Nate. And a big congratulations to you, April and Josh!!! I look forward to seeing post-pregnancy photos of your new family!