Monday, April 21, 2008

Marcy & Mert - Wedding

Marcy and Mert were our 2nd couple to get married at Walt Disney World. Their ceremony was at the Yacht Club gazebo, and reception in none other than Italy. :)

I'm just crazy for these two kids, so I'm gonna get right to the photos:

Ok. So the coolest thing about their wedding, point blank, was the fact that Marcy picked out the same wedding dress as me! It was so fun shooting the most beautiful dress in all of the world, and she fit the dress gorgeously. I'm such a dork, though.. We had like an hour of photos for just the two of them, and I kept finding ways to incorporate "our dress" into conversation any way possible. ;) Anyway, here it is in all its glory...

Marcy and Mert pretty much got ready together until Marcy put on her gown, and then we had a "first look". This made the day SO easy, and we were able to have an hour before the ceremony for pictures, and about 30 minutes afterwards. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wedding days like this!!!!

Brides-to-be: Don't be afraid to go crazy with color! Your photographer will adore you. ;)

I love the timeless feel of this one:

First look. :)
We were taking pictures on a couch in the Beach Club lobby, when some fans couldn't help but stare.

Their flower girl was Marcy's niece. At the ceremony site, there's this looooooong pathway leading up to the actual aisle. The flower girl ended up using all of her petals before she got to the actual 'aisle'! She tried to rememdy the situation by picking real flower petals out of a bush and dropping them. :)

Marcy's coordinator, Carol, was a DREAM to work with. If only she did non-Disney weddings... We can't wait to work with her again next week, though!


Tell me that's not a pretty dress. :)

One of my favorites!

Marcy feeding my husband, the monster. :)


This was the dramatic ending to their flawless, choreographed first dance.

The stunning couple being toasted.

Pretty cake! We didn't get a piece, though. :(

Karma striking back when the Roots DON'T get a piece of your wedding cake...

Marcy rockin' the dance floor!


Marcy & Mert- We love you!! Huck can't wait to meet A.J. :)


Anonymous said...

These pictures are simply wonderful. My littlest sister and her husband look amazing. Years and years from now your beautful work will be priceless family memories we will all treasure. How lucky Marcy and Mert were to have found you two.


Marcy said...

AJ is excited to meet Huck too! :) Thanks for the nice blog!

jenseylove said...

Melissa- Thank you so much for the sweet comment! We're so lucky to have had such a great couple, with such sweet families to work with!

Marcy- :) See you MONDAY!