Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1/2 Days Off

One thing Nathan and I have learned this year more than any other is the importance of days off. If we can't have full days off, we take 1/2 days. :) Last week Nathan and Nick hung out at Epcot where Nathan got some crazy artsy amazing shots, as he tends to do... ;)


My biggest fear! Woohoo!
I'm so lucky to have my very best friend live a mile from my house. Lorie is the best for those last minute HELP-I-need-time-away-from-my-husband-and-computer-now-or-I'm-gonna-kill-myself moments. :) I'm so lucky to live and work with the love of my life, but every now and then I just need some lady time! Lorie and I are trying to make weekly trips to the parks. Today we went to MGM, and Nathan convinced me to bring my camera. I'm SO glad I did! I think I'll be blogging our outings every week now. :)

We started the day with a visit to my Mommy who was working.. She was having a bad hair day and since I'm a good daughter, this is the only picture you'll get from that visit:
This is the newest addition to my Christmas list! It's the creepiest thing ever and I need it for my desk. It's a thing you stick photos in, and on one side is the Wicked Queen, the other side is Snow White. For me, it was love at blood shot princess eyes! And yes, that's blood dripping down her dress. ;)
We had lunch at the Sci-Fi diner, where you eat in cars like you're in a drive-in. :)

My favorite from the day- A picture of the camera that takes your picture at the top of the Tower of Terror!
The view from the top. :)
Then we had fun with celebrities..
Lorie couldn't contain herself around Barbara Walters. ;) This is pretty much my favorite picture ever.
The end. :)


Suzanne said...

I love the pictures from your day 'off'. Especially the window from Canada, your Mom's shiny D, Spaceship Earth and that ultimate score, the camera from ToT.

I'd like to see the ride picture, showing you taking aim!

hoofprints & heartbeats said...

Your photos are always so wonderful.
One of these days, I plan on taking a trip to Orlando myself. Now I know just where to shoot :)

Lorie said...

Such a fun day! Can't wait til next week!!! One thing though... if I recall correctly... I wasn't the only one showing Barbara some lovin. Where's your incriminating photo? ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE these pictures..they make me sooo excited for our upcoming trip to WDW...16 more days!!! As always your talent is amazing...such a blessing!


nickhellrung said...

So... two things...

Nate... How in the world were you able to shoot these photos during our trip through the park?? I mean, wow! I know better than to ask you to show me your shots when you take them, but wow... I can't believe you shot those while we were rambling on about life!

Jensey, you are ridiculous! Those shots are AMAZING! I wish I could use the tower photo on a photopass product! And I especially like the fact that you can see my office building (and the workout room- the largest window on the top floor) in your "view from the top" photo! =)

I had a blast Nate, next time Jensey needs time away, give me a call!

Jensey! said...

Suzanne : Thank you! I'll have to take a picture of our picture next time. :)

Hoofprints & Heartbeats : Thanks so much! Disney is the best place to shoot!

Karen : Yay! 15 more days! Great timing as the crowds are thinning out now. :) I'm glad I was able to get you excited!

Lorie : I'm sure there will be many more incriminating photos of me to come. ;) This was your turn!

Nicholas : Thank you!! :) Yay for your office building! I wish my office had a workout facility. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw. I miss the parks! You did get some lovely shots from HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS , (not MGM. Hehe), and I love Nathans shot from EPCOT.!

Amanda K said...

Oh those shots with the creepy head thingys are HILARIOUS!!