Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vacation with the Roots : Part 1

So, I know I'm already a little behind, but I'll try to keep up here on out! Nathan and I got to Disneyland and have been going ever since. :)

We were SO excited to finally be here!

Our hotel is gorgeous.. The Grand Californian is definately the way to go!

We headed to Downtown Disney right away, and wandered in the Disneyland Hotel..

Bed jumping... A favorite pasttime of ours whenever we get to a new hotel. :)

The Matterhorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their teacups totally win!

I've discovered the real source of some of my greatest fears..

My newest obsession: The Haunted Mansion. They completely made it over to be Nightmare Before Christmas themed, and I'm obsessed!!!!! For example, this is where there's normally a man, his dog, and a lamp..

Right before the end of the ride:

So, that's all for now, kids! I promise to post much more soon!!!


Amelia said...

ughghh so jealous youre there and I'm not .. and why does it look like those Dumbo's are going 483203429 mph ?? lol miss you, sissy ; love you both <3 .. but I don't think Nate will love me after y'all find what I left (or didn't leave) for you in your house this weekend ;) hurry home ! xoxo

lu said...

wow! I love this post. It makes me want to go to Disneyland, and it makes me want to jump on my bed. ;-)

Justin said...

Okay, well that settles it: We have to plan a trip to Disneyland now.

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Enjoy yourselves! Woo hooooooooo!

Studio222 Photography said...

I LOVE the one of Jensey in the air! Awesome!

Sara-Jayne :) said...

Am so happy for you yet so sad for myself, lol. Have a fantastic time jumping on the beds ~ have you tried "rockstar" leaps yet? ;)
Was that Jonah's Whale? :0

Lorie said...

Thanks to a Celebration-wide internet outage I'm just now seeing the post. Anyway looks like you guys are having an awesome time! Can't wait to see more. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we'll see you Thursday at the airport!!