Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Favorite Shooting Day Ever Ever EVER : Preview

I know I often get a little excited about our work, but today was freakin' amazing. We had two extraordinary couples who were up for anything and inspired us to push our boundaries more than ever. Justin & Lu are our newest muses and friends... I'll try to keep myself from counting the minutes until we see them in NYC this December!
You have no idea how long we've wanted to do a shoot like this!
SO much more to come!!
Bean & Rob are a ridiculously good looking couple who made me insanely jealous of their wedding photographer! They're here on their honeymoon and we met up for a fabulous session..
Jennifer, I meant it when I said you can't claim to be un-photogenic anymore! I have proof now!

I've never had so much fun working- the four of you rock my face off. Nathan took incredible pictures, and I, for once, didn't feel far behind. I've never been so excited about our business, life, and my family as I am today, and for that.. I'm blessed. :)


Anonymous said...

These photos are GREAT. Your a great photographer. Of course you had GREAT looking people to work with. Since you had my son Rob and my new daughter-in-law, Bean to work with, you could'nt go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing. Post more!