Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sea World : Victory!

My best friend's parents are in town, and today Nathan and I had the distinct pleasure of going to Sea World with them. Those of you who know me well realize that's quite a big deal, as Sea World is pretty much my own personal hell. My two biggest fears in life are anything that lives in water and aquariums. Completely irrational, yes, but that, my friends.. That's me.

The morning started off great- A trip to the stingray and dolphin tanks. I didn't cry at this point like I did the only other time I've gone, so 2 points for me there. Then we hit my favorite rollercoaster in the world, Kraken. Lorie's Mom took this for us when we went by.. We're in the last row! (You can barely see my face.)
Lorie's mom is pretty much my favorite thing ever. She's from Vietnam and I do nothing but laugh when I talk to her.. Whether she's confusing "velcro" for the "scarecrow" she just bought for the house, complaining about her "scientist headache," referring to "90210" as "ninety-thousand, two-hundred and ten," or doing her best Steve Urkel "Did I do that?" impression, well... There is NEVER a dull moment with Phu! :) There she is in the middle..
And giving a scuba diver a high-five! :)
Then the group went to the shark exhibit where Nathan grabbed these next shots:
I think that's a seahorse of some kind?

Yep. 90% of my nightmares begin in an empty aquarium just like this and end with the glass shattering and me beginning to drown...
... As killer whales start surrounding me. Is that normal? Anyway. I haaaaaate whales and they scare me more than pretty much anything... But this is cute. I admit.
Then it was time for some friendly competition..
#6 won... *Ahem.* Who was #6? Anyone? I'm starting to forget...
Yes, I pretty much kicked ass and came away with not one, but two little shark stuffed animals, and one giant dolphin that we got to haul around for the rest of the day.
My favorite person in the world:
My other favorite. :)


S. Osit said...

Congratulations on making it through! We were in Seaworld on Saturday and I thought about you when we were walking through that shark tank. Did you see the exhibit about the glass that's used when you come out of the tunnel? It said something about supporting the weight of a few hundred elephants.

So great to meet you guys, see you in a few months!

lorie said...


Mrs. Phu said...

Nathan and Jensey, your photos are great! You can probably tell from the pictures that I had so much fun with all of you at Seaworld. I can't wait for you to visit us in Memphis again soon! Also, I wanted to let you know that if it wasn't for you, I would not have gone on that nightmare Arctic ride. I was so glad when that was over!! Love you both!

Sara-Jayne :) said...

Jensey, well done!!! Huge hugs for you! The little seahorse is a Sea Dragon (I love them, I wanted a stuffed one but I'll get one next time for the boys) and you know that tank......I was IN it! Gav and I swam with the sharks :) I have an irrational fear of FISH, but not sharks for some reason. I'll tell you about my recurring nightmare someday :(

We are so proud of you and we love the Shamu riding-photos!!!

Artisan7 said...

Excellent commentary on a days outing.