Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lauren & Chad : Wedding

I've known Lauren since the 6th grade when I was seated behind her in Mrs. Thompson's class. (Her last name started with an L, mine a P.) We also happened to live in the same neighborhood. The neighborhood I grew up in was a lot like the small town on the Gilmore Girls.. We had neighborhood Easter Egg hunts, one giant 4th of July cookout at the park, Christmas decorating contests (Which, mom and I won almost every year.. Damn you, Mr. Smith!). Then there was the coveted Halloween parade.

Now, this parade lasted all the way from the tip of Savannah Way to our park right by my house, and all the kids would dress up and march down the streets, comparing costumes and smiling for our parents' cameras on the sidelines. It was quite the event, and the whole thing was led by a real firetruck. A real one. (There is a point to this, really.) Well, I was most jealous of Lauren and her friends because they were allowed to ride ON the firetruck, not just march behind it. Whenever I think of Lauren, I think of that parade, and this is why I had such a hard time realizing that we're growing up!

Here are my favorites from Lauren and Chad's wedding. I should start by saying I loved the mood of the room she was getting ready in, because she and her bridesmaids were watching her favorite episode of the Gilmore Girls! I think it really helped calm her nerves, so it's something for my future brides to think about!
This was their freaking adorable flower girl opening a gift from Lauren- A My Little Pony AND a Disney Princess coloring and sticker book. She was just a little happy. ;)

The handsome groom:
His flawless bride:

I love this shot Nathan got of Chad as Lauren and her dad walked down the aisle.

Shananagins during the ceremony.. :)
Married!!! I posted this because couples never look at me when I'm up in the balcony, and I felt beyond special.

First dance to my Michael Bublé. :)
You don't even know it, but you totally know who this little guy is... Remember April and Josh, and their awesome maternity shoot? He was the one in April's belly! :) SO squinchable!
It was Hux's first wedding, and he even got a dance with the bride!


Lauren and Chad, congratulations!!! We can't wait to see you again when you have little Lauren and Chads. :)

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