Saturday, August 23, 2008


We placed 2nd in the WESH contest! What an honor considering we've only been in business 2 and some years and we were up against some incredible photographers, let alone 150 of them! Thank you guys for all of your votes and sweet words.. We feel so blessed to have you all be a part of our lives.

I'd like to give extra congrats to our friends at Ashley McCormick Photography who placed 3rd, and newbies Studio 222 who placed 5th! Our friend Anna Cakes won first in her section, so yay Anna!

I'm hoping to post our own "Root Awards" soon. ;)

I went to a local dog bakery today with my best friend and they had this super soft, furry blue blanket. I had to pick it up for my Huckleberry, 1/2 expecting him to sniff it once and never touch it again (he tends to be picky). After I put it in the bottom of his crate and was leaving the room, I turned around to see him pulling it out and shaking it around like a toy. All night he's been dragging this thing across the floor with him like Linus from Charlie Brown... Only a billion times cuter! It hasn't left his side since I brought it home. Nate grabbed this shot of him at my feet earlier while I was working:

I love my dog, and I love that he has a new best friend. :) With that being said, the Roots are exhausted. Goodnight, Moon.


Adam S said...

I still say second is better for your purposes. Second carries almost all of the prestige but none of the pretension.

Lu said...

Congratulartions guys!!! We all know you are the best, regardless of what the contest says. ;-)

Justin said...

Man, I can't believe that you guys didn't get first place! (Lu and I can relate to the frustration of these public voting things a bit.)

Don't worry, though, there's no doubt in anyone's minds who the REAL first-place winner is here. Congrats to you both!

Grant and Misty Thompson said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Lorie said...

I just wanted to tell you congrats again and Huck is so freaking cute!!!

Mari & Ant said... know what they say first is the worst and second is the BEST!

Studio222 Photography said...

Yay! Congrats to you both! Celebration margaritas are in order!