Friday, August 15, 2008

Ashley & Justin : Engagement

I was so shy in high school. Like, painfully shy. The best friends I had were the same ones I had since elementary school, and rarely did I step outside of my comfort zone to make new friends. Ashley is the girl I always wanted as a best friend. She was in theatre with one of my best friends and they became close, but we never really got the chance to hang out. (Theatre in my school was very much a full-time job.) Needless to say, I was so excited when Ashley and I made plans over Facebook to shoot her engagement during our trip to Memphis! When Nathan and I met them at the Peabody, Ashley greeted me with the biggest, happiest welcome and treated us like celebrities for the whole shoot! (One of my favorite moments was her telling us how whenever she shows people our websites, she gets so excited to say, "I KNOW THEM!" hehehehe.)

It's such an honor that she and Justin love our work so much, seeing as not only are both of their dads photographers (Ashley met Justin when she was a student in his dad's photography class in college..), but they're both photographers themselves! My heart broke a little when I found out we were booked on their wedding date, but I'm so happy we got to play downtown Memphis. I can't believe I lived 30 minutes away for 15 years of my life, and I'm only now learning the city. :)

Memphis had the coolest spots!

I can't even imagine how gorgeous she'll look in a wedding gown!

The next part of the session is where Nathan and I are hoping to take our style. We're so lucky that more and more of our clients are willing to do whatever it takes to get 'the shot.' Ashley and Justin were no exception, and we were delighted when we found an abandoned parking garage, complete with homeless men and this little beauty:
They totally worked it out. ;)

Then we headed to Beale Street for a lil' bit.
LOVE it.


The end. :)

Ashley & Justin- Get your cute butts down here for a visit!!! Love you guys!

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