Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Because I love Disney World, making new friends, big belly laughs, brides in short dresses with pink Converse shoes, summer, my dog, and my handsome husband. Because I just want to remember how today felt. :)


Sara-Jayne said...

Cor Blimey! That's us! Gav is still laughing at his expression.... ;) Can't wait to see you in celebration ~ you're both fantastic, we can't say thank you enough. Never again will our mantlepiece be bare of our pictures (or our walls, ceilings, floors, cupboards, sideboards, backdoors.....)

Get ready for some English language classes tomorrow with "one's" new husband and "one's" good self.... (and my converse shoes)

lorie said...

How cute are they?! Can't wait to see their wedding shots.

In the words of Victoria Beckham, "They're major." (I know... that was bad, but sadly I don't know any other British slang.)