Saturday, August 02, 2008

Jennika & Brandon : Wedding

We met Jennika and Brandon on their wedding day, so I don't know as much about them as a couple as I typically do. I will say they're both ridiculously good looking people, and they're gonna have some stunning babies! :)

I just loved Jennika's dress...
Brandon and the guys getting ready:
I love when we're able to turn dressing up the bride into something completely epic:
I think she could be Gwyneth Paltrow's prettier, younger sister. :)

This one's hanging up in the Barber and Beauty Emporium if you ever get the chance to go!
This was our first time to do a non-first look (I don't even know what else to call it!) and I know we'll be doing it much more in the future!
My favorite. :)

They were married at the St. James Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando, and we were crazy about these medieval-looking doors!
I know. It's been done a million times, but I'm still a sucker for bridal party jumping photos. :)

Their reception was at the Orlando Country Club, where we shot Ashley & Bob's wedding just a month prior. I love finding new hidden spots to play with in familiar locations!
I seriously think the best part of their wedding were the details. Jennika's mom pretty much planned her whole wedding herself seeing the bride and groom live out of town. She did such a great job and I think she'd make a great wedding coordinator!

Every guest got some flowers... Love, love, love!
How stunning is the cake?!
This was a first... Jennika's dad's speech caught fire from one of the votives just before he went up to give it!!!

First dance love. :)

I love this venue!!
Nathan's view of the exit:
And mine. :)
The end!
Jennika and Brandon, thank you so, so much. We had a blast!

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Grant and Misty Thompson said...

wow... some of my favorites for sure! you guys are so talented!