Monday, March 02, 2009

Michelle & Mike : Ohio Reception

Michelle and Mike were married last year here in Florida, and this January, we were able to attend their second wedding reception in Ohio! We absolutely loved being able to document all their festivities, and we also loved being able to visit snow! :)

Michelle put her wedding dress on again and looked just as stunning as before!

Their reception was held at The Pufferbelly in downtown Kent, which was an old train depot that was converted into a restaurant. So cool!

One of my favorites. :)
I think this was the moment when Nathan fell in love with the 17-40mm lens. ;)

Michelle was such a trooper- She had to traipse through so much snow in that gown to get these shots down by the river, but it was totally worth it!
Totally my favorite.

Seriously, this venue was just adorable!

Yes, that's a carriage suspended from the ceiling. :)

Proof of the snow!

Gotta do our token mirror shot...

Such a stud! ;)

Yes, that's my husband taking a shot with the bride and groom! One of the perks of shooting the wedding of someone you've known since middle school. :)

Michelle and Mike, we had SUCH a great time working with y'all! :)


Adam S said...

There's something different about this set of pics - I can't put my finger on it just yet, but I like it. A few things stand out:

Firstly, the bride's sassy-ness. It photographs well. She seems like quite a character.

Secondly, the blue of the train and the wall behind the candle. It made me realize I don't see a lot of bold blue in your photos - maybe you guys fade those tones? - either way, it's a nice change. It, along with the snow, gave the whole set a very different, but still characteristically "Rootagraphical" feel.

Thirdly, the setting is awesome. The train, the suspended carriage, the stone place... all very cool.

I like these photos very much.

Lisa Lu said...

I love the ring shot!

Stef's Blog said...

i just love her headpiece!

Jensey! said...

Adam - Sometimes your comments are my favorite. :) I completely agree with you about the bold blue. I honestly think we just don't work with a lot of blue backgrounds or outfits. The setting was amazing, and the bride's attitude was awesome.. Thanks for noticing all that. :)

Lisa & Stef - Thanks, and agreed! :)

Studio222 Photography said...

Wowza! So much character in every image! And I love her veil!