Friday, March 06, 2009

Four for a Dollar : Final Bow

For years and years and years, Four for a Dollar charmed the ears off guests at Disney World's MGM (Now Hollywood) Studios. I grew up with this group, and would beg my mom to stay for just "one more show" when we'd vacation here throughout the year. Four for a Dollar was the pre-show to Beauty and the Beast, though most people I know would just go to hear the guys and then leave. :) Their show would start with one of the guys dressed as a maintenence man, come out and check the mics. Eventually they're all out there singing a 3 song set before heading off the stage. :) This quickly became my most favorite thing to see in the park, and no one was more shocked than I was (well, other than them, I suppose) to hear Disney had decided to end their relationship with this phenomenal group of men.

What once was a group of strangers to me and an easy way to waste an afternoon had turned into something much greater... One particular member of the group had become one of my dearest friends and forever changed my life. You see, Sammy has such an incredible love for God that it's impossible not to catch it just by being around him. Since joining the group, he's created a very successful church here in Orlando, and I'm proud just to know him. :)
This is Marshall, whose stage presence never failed to make me laugh!
And Doug, one of the most talented people I've ever come in contact with. :) I really think he's the soul of the group, and no one can take his place.
I wasn't able to make the official final show because of a wedding, but I did show up the last show of the day before to take a few shots of them at work.

This is Andrew hitting keys most women can't. :) He was my first friend of the group, and I'll forever be grateful.
This show was my safe place when I first moved here, and the park has such a funny feel to me without it.
Final Bow.
Even though their Disney chapter has finished, I really do think this group is meant for so much more, and I'm so excited to keep on being their #1 fan. :)


sammy said...

There are just no words, Jensey. Only smiles and tears. You're the best!

Christin said...

aww I am so sad, I made Ryan go to the beauty and the beast show last summer and he had never seen them before and LOVED them so much, he had no idea it was a show at first haha. I was looking forward to sharing that with our wedding friends and I am sad they will no longer be there :(