Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love!

There are many, many reasons that Jensey is the blog writing extraordinaire in our business. She's creative, witty, funny, wonderful, fun to read, and does all of those with no fuss or delay.  I, on the other hand, aren't many of those things and least of all efficient. So the fact that we drew Jensey's birthday celebration out to two days really works in my favor.

I'm not actually late writing this post, I'm just doing it on the second half of her birthday!  And if anyone deserves two days worth of time off and birthday fun, it's Jensey.  She works so incredibly hard at this job that it's really something special to just spend the day with feels good just to be out and about with her, especially when she's riding shopping carts in the warehouse aisles at IKEA. ;) (Photos coming at Jensey's discretion, of course.)

I'm already floundering at what else to write here. I honestly just want to hit the Publish Post button and run back to her on the couch. It's a lot more fun hanging out in there next to my favorite person in the world than it is sitting here. And with that said, I'm going to do just that!

Naturally, a photo or two must be included!  This first one, well, it's just how I feel. :) And the last one, because it's hottttt and makes me happy!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!  Let's spend some more time together doing nothing.


Crystal said...

You two rock -- so cute together :) Happy birthday again -- and shopping cart pictures a MUST! :D

Kate Schmidt said...

You two are so adorable!

Amelia said...

hahahaa nate said "hotttt" .. happy birthdayy, sissy -- I LOVE YOU !! see you tomorrow :) xoxo

mistythompson said...

you two love love. and that's why you are so fabulous and successful in this business. oh man... i just can't say how happy this post made me :)

happy birthday, jensey!

Michael Snead said...

Ikea has the absolute greatest carts!! I wish publix would install four wheel steering on their carts too. :)

Studio222 Photography said...

You two are too cute.