Saturday, March 07, 2009

Return 2 Zero : New Beginnings

Yesterday I posted about how Four for a Dollar completed their run with Disney, so today I'm excited to share their next venture. Return 2 Zero is the official name of the group outside of Disney, and they can be hired out for any event.

Sammy called me over the holidays to let me know about the new branding of Return 2 Zero. They're now using the catchy slogan, "We're in it for your surprise," which means exactly how it sounds. To quote straight from their website, "Dressed as waiters, janitors, corporate attendees, or anything you can think of, Return 2 Zero can create a perfect 'gotcha' moment for any event. And they’ve also got the perfect song to get your audience laughing, cheering, and clapping along."

Not to put too many ideas in your heads, but what a cool wedding idea for your guests, right?!

Anyway, when we were asked to shoot their new promo material, I'm pretty sure I was giddy with excitement. I mean, other than John Mayer showing up on my doorstep and asking the same thing, how often do you get to shoot your favorite music group? After the cool factor wore off we got pretty darn nervous considering shooting a group was a first for us!

We started out in a hotel kitchen with the guys dressed up as chefs, and we got a private concert in the meantime...

Costume change to waiters...

... And then corporate event attendees. :)

Then we drug them downtown to one of our favorite spots. I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy, but this was my favorite part of the day. :)


Had to get a group shot with my guys! :)
Seriously, go book them for your next event. You know you want to. ;)

Not having an event or getting married anytime soon? Buy a cd!!! I recommend ALL of them, but "4" and "Snowfall" are probably my favorites. And "Return 2 Zero" when I feel like going vintage R2Z. ;)


Lu Cone said...

Four for a Dollar was one of our most memorable parts of visiting the WDW parks--easily as memorable as the rides or the fireworks or being rocketed upside down on a roller coaster.

When we heard they were leaving the parks, we were so bummed. But here they are, ready for more in round two! AWESOME!

We'll spread the word about Return 2 Zero, and we wish them the best of luck. It was would be fantastic to see them at a wedding!

The photos are fantastic, by the way. You guys really captured their playful professionalism. So much fun!

Gabrielle said...

I love the puddle ones and the abbey lane remake

Lacey K said...

That's really neat! I'm going to miss Four for a Dollar. :(

Curtis Copeland said...

Great group photographs. I really like the one with a reflection in the puddle. Nice work!